Build Phase

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Build Phase is a weekly technical podcast discussing iOS development and design.

Hosted by iOS developers Mark Adams and Gordon Fontenot; they discuss code, design, and creating great iOS apps.

Dad Stuff

This week Mark and Gordon discuss type safety and functional programming in Swift (again), the finer points of making your application accessible, and the only way you should be seeing movies in this day and age.

Flow Betwixt

This week, Mark and Gordon discuss so-called "flow controllers" and best practices for getting around town with UIKit.

Wave Thingies in the Recording Thingie

About 5 minutes after shipping their client application, Mark and Gordon discuss the stresses of shipping, and answer some followup emails about the intermittent test failures they were seeing, and the high level Application View Controller architecture they have been using.

Nobody Wins Flip Cup

On the final day of thoughtbot's Summer Summit 2014, Mark and Gordon sit down in person to discuss an approach to surfacing network errors to the user and efforts to reduce duplication in doing so.

The One Where They Do The 50th Show

Wow, 50 shows. Can you believe that we still have things to talk about? Nope, we can't either. In this landmark episode, Mark and Gordon do a post-mortem on integrating MVVM into their daily development practices and ruminate on the resulting architectures that emerge at production scale.

It's Been a Long Day

Mark and Gordon commiserate over intermittent test failures only happening on their CI server, then switch gears to briefly discuss the recent release to the Swift programming language.

F-ing Mush Mouth

Mark and Gordon talk about some of the parts of Swift that don't feel quite right to them, functional programming, being a Polyglot, and the potentially scary way that Swift's new access control affects testing.

Boom. Chaka Khan.

In a surprisingly meandering episode, Mark and Gordon discuss music, Fonts, `UIBarButtonItem`, fruit in beers, pluralization with localized strings, and Fantasy Football.

My Stupid, Stupid Brain

This week Apple did Mark and Gordon a solid by dropping a new beta full of fancy Swift goodies mere moments before they started recording. Whew. Dodged a bullet on that one.

Emergency Brisket

This week, Mark and Gordon discuss best practices when using UIScrollView with auto layout, the advantages of MVVM and exchange tales of weekend travel.

Best Language for the Gob

Mark and Gordon spend probably too much time talking about Arrested Development, then seamlessly transition into discussing some oddities that have come up in their usage of Swift so far.

WWDC 2014

Mark and Gordon are joined by fellow thoughtbot iOS team members Tony DiPasquale and Keith Smiley in a roundtable discussion wrapping up the announcements from WWDC 2014.

Over the Hill

Gather 'round and hear tell of Mark and Gordon's WWDC expectations that were surprisingly mostly correct given this week's announcements.

Shitty As Intended

This week, Mark and Gordon enumerate the contents of their WWDC14 wish lists and discuss the likelihood of none of them coming to fruition. The entire thoughtbot iOS crew (minus one) will be in San Francisco for WWDC week so be sure to get in touch at or @buildphase on or Twitter if you'd like to meet up!

Not Just a Domestic Affair

Mark and Gordon sit down after conferencing super hard at NSNorth 2014 to talk about their experiences in Ottawa, the conference itself, and the strange attitude towards technical talks in the Objective-C community.

Assume You're Sharding

Mark and Gordon discuss CoreData; the problems with an upside down persistence stack, and the circular process of trying to improve their implementations.

No, We Don't Sing Or Anything

Settling into a testing mindset when writing Objective-C is front of mind for this week's show. Gordon and Mark chat about potential pitfalls for TDD newcomers, using common sense when writing your specs and self-proclaimed Emperors of these United States.

Darth Brooks

Container view controllers and clever DJ names are on the docket for this week's episode. Mark and Gordon discuss patterns for handling modal authentication views and other high level approaches to root view controller presentation.

Objective-C Folklore

The minutiae of initialization is the topic of this week's show as Gordon and Mark continue to refuse to get off Objective-C's lawn.

Ed Bageley Jr.

Mark and Gordon have a riveting conversation about using C functions instead of class methods, and then move on to discussing KVO and how it can be used to cleanly wrap up some common interaction patterns.

It Had A Good Run

Mark and Gordon discuss some problems that were encountered during the release of Liftoff 1.1 and rail on bloated UIViewControllers for, like, 20 minutes.

Rocket Fuel

Gordon and Mark talk briefly about man pages and neck beards before discussing some of the decisions and reasoning behind the 1.0 release of Liftoff.

Too Drunk To Ruck

Gordon and Mark discuss static `UITableView`s, possible solutions for faking 3rd party APIs, and beta distribution.

Valentimes Day

Mark and Gordon discuss language differences between Ruby and Objective-C, custom View Controller transitions, and perform a crucial experiment to find out if you can still download Flappy Bird.

Welcome To The New South

Gordon and Mark talk about a number of issues around CocoaPods: their recent issues with the spec repo, the negativity in the community towards the project, the danger of violating Unix philosophy, and possible futures for the project if they were to get sherlocked by Apple.

Polar Vortex

Mark and Gordon chat some more about UIPageViewController, UIImage tinting, a better multitasking model, and Texas' attempts at secession.

Punk in Drublic

Mark and Gordon discuss their holiday vacations, striving for a good work/life balance, and resolutions for the new year.

Damn Snow

This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about storyboarding, tdd and winter.

Ape Drape

This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about NSNotificationCenter and head shaving.

Bill F*ckin Murray

This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about UIPageViewController, Bill Murray and Solipsism

It got Real Dark

This week on Build Phase, Gordon Fontenot and Mark Adams talk about categories, coconut water and mogenerator

Podspec or Bust

Gordon Fontenont and Mark Adams speak with Mattt Thompson, Mobile Lead at Heroku, creator of AFNetworking, NSHipster and Helios.


On this episode of Build Phase Mark and Gordon talk about Xcode tips, plugins, short cuts and aliases


In this episode of Build Phase, Mark and Gordon talk about testing, frameworks and public vs private interface.

Ice Cream & API

In this episode Gordon and Mark talk about ice cream, api design, build packs, parsing and Core Data.

It's a Pilot

In this, the first episode of Build Phase, Gordon and Mark introduce one another and talk about how they started iOS development. They go on to discuss iOS development best practices, writing good code and sniffing out bad code with code smells.